tetys Christmas greeting 2020

Dear customers,

Thank you for remaining loyal to us this year!


As we all know, a crisis is also always an opportunity. In 2020 we had ample reason to reflect on this

wisdom – and have come to the conclusion: It’s true!

The cohesion, teamwork and creativity we encountered this year have strengthened and inspired us.

strengthened and inspired us, and we dared to break new ground.

Among other things, we have discovered new digital opportunities for ourselves. Last week we were able to celebrate a

premiere and held our very first digital Christmas party with an online meeting, an

Online Escaperoom and a brought home treat.

This year has shown us once again the strength that lies within our team and the vision that

unites us. The experience and memories from 41 years of GRP and FLS strengthen us,

to move forward together into the future. Better today – excellent tomorow!


So it is with one eye crying and one eye laughing that we leave GRP and FLS behind and become tetys!

As in previous years, we have again decided to support the Aachen Clinic Clowns with a generous donation.

with a generous donation. In addition, we would like to donate the second half of our

half of our annual donation for students in need – the Sozialfonds FH Aachen.e.V..

The whole team wishes you from the bottom of our hearts, happiness and health, a Merry Christmas

and a happy, healthy and exciting year 2021!

Christmas greetings,

The GRP and FLS team

P.S. We are taking the Corona situation as an opportunity to do the same to the schools and have our employees from

19.12.2020 until our company holidays from 24.12.2020 to the home office. During this time we will do our utmost,

to offer you our usual service. As of 4 January, we will be fully available for you again as usual!