With each other and for each other

Social engagement is a form of action that arises from various motivations and is usually based on the principles of voluntarism and volunteering. It involves investing time and/or money in projects that fulfill a positive purpose, often in the area of charity. It is clearly distinct from economic, political and cultural engagement. The term "social commitment" was only increasingly discussed from the 1960s onwards, particularly due to the influence of Christian social teaching.

Social commitment can take many forms, be it in environmental protection, for human rights, animal welfare or in other charitable organizations. It not only involves support through membership and donations, but often also goes hand in hand with practical work towards common goals. The term has been used in theological reflection since the 1970s, particularly in Christian diaconia and Caritas.

We bear responsibility not only for our customers and employees, but also for the society in which we live. That's why social commitment is not an obligation for us - it's a matter of course!

We will shortly be providing information about our social commitment ...

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