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Intralogistics is at the heart of any business that relies on efficient warehousing, order picking, material flow and transportation within the company premises. These processes form the backbone of smooth operations, especially in manufacturing plants, warehouses, distribution centers and other companies with extensive storage and production facilities.

tl;dr Intralogistics forms the backbone of any company that relies on efficient warehousing, order picking, material flow and transportation. These processes enable optimal use of resources, improved productivity and greater customer satisfaction.

Why is intralogistics so important?

Intralogistics is of crucial importance for the optimization of production and logistics processes. It enables the efficient use of resources, minimizes storage costs, improves production planning and control and ultimately increases customer satisfaction through punctual deliveries.


The foundation of intralogistics

A well-organized warehouse forms the foundation of intralogistics. It is not only used to store raw materials, intermediate products and end products, but also to ensure optimal inventory management. Modern warehousing systems enable precise storage location management, allowing materials to be identified and picked quickly.

Order picking

Efficiency in motion

Order picking is an essential part of intralogistics, in which products are put together according to orders. The use of automated picking systems can minimize errors and shorten processing times. This leads to an increase in productivity and a reduction in operating costs.

Material flow

Dynamics of the company

A smooth material flow is crucial for the efficiency of intralogistics. From the delivery of raw materials to the delivery of end products, materials must be transported continuously and efficiently through the company. By using modern conveyor technology and logistics software, the material flow can be optimized and bottlenecks avoided.

Mobility at the touch of a button

Transportation within the company premises

Transport within the company premises plays a central role in intralogistics. From the internal movement of goods to the provision of materials at various production sites, efficient transport logistics is essential. By integrating telematics systems and fleet management software, transport processes can be optimized and costs reduced.

Control and management processes

Keep control

The control and administration processes form the backbone of intralogistics. From order planning and inventory management to route optimization, numerous administrative tasks need to be managed. These processes can be automated and optimized through the use of ERP systems and supply chain management software.


Intralogistics is a key success factor for companies in various industries. By optimizing warehousing, order picking, material flow and transport, companies can strengthen their competitiveness and ensure long-term success. Efficient intralogistics enables a flexible and agile response to changing market conditions and makes a significant contribution to increasing overall efficiency and profitability.

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