Personnel deployment planning

Importance of effective workforce organization

In a competitive world, especially in industry, effective workforce scheduling is crucial. Workforce scheduling, also known as workforce organization, refers to the process of assigning workers to specific tasks, shifts and work areas within a company. In this text, we will explore why thoughtful workforce scheduling is becoming increasingly important in manufacturing and the benefits it offers.

tl;dr Workforce scheduling in production is crucial for optimizing resources, increasing productivity, company flexibility, workforce satisfaction and cost savings. Effective planning enables companies to adapt to the challenges of a complex production environment and strengthen their competitiveness. With the help of modern technologies, companies can further optimize their workforce scheduling and efficiently achieve their business goals.

Evolution of production


Production has evolved considerably over the years. Production processes used to be simple and linear, but with the advent of new technologies and production methods, they have become more complex. Automation, robotics and advanced manufacturing technologies have increased efficiency, but have also changed the job requirements. In a modern manufacturing environment, workers need to be flexible and have different skills to meet the demands.

Challenges without effective workforce scheduling

Without adequate workforce scheduling, companies face a variety of challenges. Inadequate allocation of labor can lead to bottlenecks that can affect production capacity and cause delays in order fulfillment. In addition, uneven workload distribution can lead to overworking some workers and underworking others, which can reduce morale and increase turnover. These challenges can ultimately lead to lost production, quality issues and lost sales.

Advantages of effective workforce scheduling

Effective workforce scheduling offers numerous advantages that strengthen a company's performance and competitiveness. The most important benefits certainly include

  1. Optimized use of resources: The targeted allocation of employees according to work requirements and capacities enables companies to make optimal use of their resources and reduce bottlenecks.

  2. Improved productivity: Well-planned workforce scheduling helps to optimize production processes and increase efficiency. By deploying employees effectively, companies can increase their productivity and achieve their goals faster.

  3. Flexibility and adaptability: Flexible workforce planning enables companies to adapt quickly to changes in demand, working conditions and production requirements. This enables them to be more agile and respond to market changes.

  4. Employee satisfaction and loyalty: A fair and balanced distribution of work contributes to employee satisfaction and can strengthen employee loyalty. When employees feel that they are treated fairly and their skills are optimally utilized, they are more motivated and committed.

  5. Cost savings: Effective workforce scheduling can help reduce overtime, minimize outside labor costs and lower overall operating costs. By optimizing workforce allocation, companies can improve their financial performance.

The role of technology in modern workforce scheduling

As technology advances, companies have powerful tools at their disposal to optimize their workforce scheduling. Automated scheduling systems can analyze data, forecast labor needs and create efficient schedules. Integrated software solutions enable seamless communication between different departments and facilitate the recording of working hours, vacation requests and other important information.

Workforce scheduling

Our tetys solution

Our advanced workforce ressource planning revolutionizes the way work is organized in your company. Thanks to the seamless integration of employee data from the Manufacturing Execution System (MES), all relevant information is automatically transferred to tety's workforce scheduling module.

The workforce scheduling module consists of three essential parts: the shift planner (SP), „Holiday“ planner (HP) and the innovative Info-Terminal, which acts as an extension.

The shift planner enables precise planning of early, late and night shifts as well as the individual assignment of tasks. Predefined shift templates make the creation of shift schedules efficient and flexible. Employees can also be grouped into fixed teams or crews to ensure optimal collaboration.

The "Holiday" planner manages employee absences in an intelligent way. Various reasons for absences can be stored here, and comprehensive overviews ensure a transparent presentation of staff availability. Sick leave can optionally be recorded anonymously and is incorporated into staff availability planning, which in turn is then visualized in the workforce scheduling module.

The information terminal complements the workforce scheduling module with a large-format display in the entrance area of the hall. The current shift assignments and employee attendance information are clearly displayed here. Thanks to its independent licensing, the info terminal extends the functionality of the workforce scheduling module and ensures that all relevant information is accessible to all employees at all times.

With our workforce scheduling module, you not only optimize your employee deployment, but also create transparency, flexibility and efficiency in your company.

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In increasingly complex and competitive production environments, effective workforce planning is crucial. Through targeted workforce allocation, companies can make optimal use of their resources, increase productivity and strengthen their competitiveness. Well-designed workforce scheduling not only contributes to a company's efficiency and profitability, but can also improve employee satisfaction and reduce turnover.

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