Process data acquisition

Optimization of production

Efficient monitoring and control of production processes are crucial to a company's success in today's high-tech world of manufacturing and production. A key element that helps companies optimize their production processes and increase their competitiveness is process data acquisition. Process data acquisition, also known as process monitoring or process control, refers to the process of collecting, recording and analyzing data during manufacturing.

tl;dr Process data acquisition enables companies to optimize production processes through the continuous monitoring and analysis of data. This leads to improved efficiency, quality and competitiveness, as well as lower costs and compliance with regulatory requirements.

Record data points

Performance and efficiency

In a modern production environment, a variety of data points can be collected to monitor and improve production performance and efficiency using process data acquisition. These include:

  1. Temperature: Monitoring temperatures in different parts of the manufacturing process can help to identify potential problems such as overheating or underheating that could affect the quality of manufactured products.

  2. Pressure: Pressure is an important parameter in many manufacturing processes, particularly in the chemical and pharmaceutical industries. By monitoring the pressure, deviations from the optimum operating conditions can be detected and rectified at an early stage.

  3. Flow rates: Measuring the flow rates of raw materials and intermediate products enables manufacturers to optimize material consumption and identify bottlenecks or leaks in the pipelines.

  4. Speed and throughput: Collecting data on the speed and throughput rate of machines and production lines helps to identify bottlenecks and maximize production capacity.

  5. Quality parameters: These include measurements such as dimensions, weights, chemical compositions and other qualitative characteristics that determine the quality of the manufactured products.

Process data acquisition at a glance

Increasing efficiency

Process data acquisition offers a wide range of benefits for companies that want to optimize their production processes:

  • Real-time monitoring: By continuously recording and analyzing process data, companies can identify problems in real time and take immediate action to prevent production downtime or quality problems.

  • Early fault detection: Analyzing process data enables companies to identify trends and patterns that could indicate potential problems or bottlenecks before they lead to major problems.

  • Optimizing the use of resources: By monitoring process parameters such as energy consumption and material usage, companies can optimize their use of resources and reduce costs.

  • Quality improvement: The continuous monitoring and analysis of quality parameters enables companies to improve the quality of their products and reduce waste.

  • Data-driven decision-making: By analyzing historical production data, companies can make informed decisions and optimize future production processes.

  • Compliance and traceability: In industries with strict regulatory requirements, process data acquisition enables seamless traceability and documentation of all production steps to ensure compliance with legal regulations.

Overall, process data acquisition makes a significant contribution to increasing the efficiency, quality and competitiveness of companies in the manufacturing and production industry. By continuously monitoring and analyzing process data, companies can optimize their production processes, reduce costs and increase customer satisfaction.


Process data acquisition is an indispensable tool for companies in the manufacturing and production industry to optimize their operations and increase their competitiveness. By continuously monitoring and analyzing process data, companies can identify problems at an early stage, improve quality and efficiency and reduce costs.

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