The food industry is one of the most important and highest-turnover sectors in Germany. Due to high consumer demands for product quality and transparency in production and international competition, manufacturing companies are increasingly relying on digital solutions for their production processes. One of the biggest challenges in the food industry is to digitize operations and the associated supply chain as completely as possible. Only through transparency with reliable figures, data and facts about production can verifiable statements be made. Efficiency reflects the success of production and this must be predictable at all times.

Our tetys software offers several solutions for the most common challenges in the food industry, such as seasonal planning, batch tracing, predictive maintenance and set-up time minimization

Significance for food

Efficient season planning

Seasonal planning is crucial in food production as it influences the availability of raw materials and the demand for certain products. The seasonal business places particularly high demands on production planners, as there are not enough resources to meet the high demand. Pre-production is required. This results in a complex interplay of materials management, personnel planning, machine allocation and warehousing. During these times, resources require precise planning in order to avoid bottlenecks during the seasonal peak. Our production planning software enables companies to analyze data and create precise plans for seasonal fluctuations. Intelligent planning can minimize production downtime while avoiding surpluses, which makes both economic and ecological sense. Personnel, materials, raw materials and machines can be planned efficiently and the planner can still react quickly to unforeseen events and adjust everything accordingly.

Batch tracing

Batch traceability is a cornerstone of food safety and quality. The tetys software enables seamless traceability along the entire supply chain - from the raw material to the end product on the shelf. In the event of recalls or quality problems, our software enables companies to precisely identify which batches are affected and act quickly to minimize potential risks and maintain consumer confidence.

Predictive Maintenance

Food production requires complex machines and systems, the failure of which can lead to significant production interruptions. This is where predictive maintenance comes into play. By integrating sensors and analytics into the production software, companies can continuously monitor the condition of their equipment and tools and therefor anticipate potential failures. This enables preventive maintenance measures that minimize unplanned downtime and maximize productivity.

Minimization of set-up time and cleaning effort

In the production of food, it must be ensured at many stages of the process that consecutively produced products do not mix. Whether it is the consecutive filling of water, lemonade or cola or the production of light or dark chocolate - everywhere the systems have to be carefully cleaned again and again when different products are processed. The time required for cleaning systems in the food industry can be drastically reduced if product characteristics that cause cleaning times are included in the planning. This task is supported by the tetys planning system - and relieves the planners of computing work. The production process is optimized and the available plant running times are significantly increased.

Supporting production with software

Manufacturing software for food production is an indispensable tool for companies to increase efficiency, maximize quality and meet ever-changing requirements. By overcoming challenges such as seasonal planning, batch tracking and predictive maintenance, our tetys software helps to bring the necessary transparency and standards to your production. Computer-aided planning systems are widely used in many industries. However, most of them were developed for the non-food sector and are not designed to take into account the special circumstances of food production, as criteria such as the limited shelf life of products are of secondary importance at best in mechanical engineering.

The FEKOR production planning tool from tetys takes into account special features such as the freshness of the products or the capping of seasonal peaks and, of course, the effort involved in cleaning the systems with years of experience and specialization in the food industry.

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