Insight Board

Visualize production processes

Our "Insight Board" is a web-based dashboard that allows you to visualize and optimize your production processes. With its individual visual design space, it offers an intuitive graphical user interface (GUI) that enables you to record and control your system performance at a glance.

tl;dr The Insight Board is a web-based dashboard for visualizing and optimizing production processes. It offers an intuitive user interface, hierarchical navigation through process data, flexibility in customization and active control options for efficient production.

Effectiveness of the overall system

Overall Equipment Effectiveness

As the successor product to our popular "Cockpit", the "Insight Board" is a powerful solution for visualizing and analysing your process data. A central focus is on the visualization of process data, in particular the OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness) - a specific key figure that measures the effectiveness of your overall plant. By processing this data graphically, you can quickly see how efficiently your system is working and identify potential areas for optimization.

With just one click


The web-based user interface of the "Insight Board" is hierarchically structured and allows you to navigate through different levels to obtain detailed information. Starting with a clear overall view, you can dive into specific areas of your plant with just one click and view detailed data on individual machines, production lines or even specific products.

According to your needs


Thanks to its flexible and customizable design options, you can configure the Insight Board according to your individual needs. From the color scheme to the arrangement of the widgets - you have full control over the display of your data.

Optimization of system performance


The "Insight Board" not only offers a passive display of data, but also enables active control of your production processes. By integrating alarm functions and real-time data, you can react immediately to deviations and take proactive measures to optimize your system performance.

In addition, the Insight Board offers a variety of analysis tools and reporting functions that enable you to identify trends, recognize bottlenecks and make informed decisions to continuously improve your production.


Our Insight Board is a powerful web-based dashboard that enables companies to optimize their production processes. With a user-friendly interface, comprehensive functionality and flexibility, it is the ideal solution for companies that want to maximize their plant performance and increase their competitiveness.

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