Energy data acquisition

Key to CO2 efficiency and climate neutrality

As the need to reduce CO2 emissions and transition to a carbon-neutral economy becomes increasingly urgent, energy data collection in production facilities plays a crucial role. Get an overview of why energy data collection - a primary element in the optimization of industrial processes - is so important.

tl;dr Capturing energy data in production is critical to optimizing energy efficiency, reducing CO2 emissions and transitioning to a carbon-neutral economy. By analyzing this data, companies can identify savings, minimize energy losses and maximize the use of renewable energy sources to ensure sustainable operations.

Data collection

Consumption and efficiency

Energy data collection refers to the process of collecting and analyzing information about energy consumption and energy efficiency in production facilities. This data includes a variety of parameters that influence energy consumption and energy efficiency in production. These include, among others:

  1. Electricity consumption: This includes the collection of data on electrical energy consumption in various production areas and machines.

  2. Gas consumption: The recording of gas consumption data is particularly relevant for production facilities that use gas-powered machines or heating systems.

  3. Heat energy: Measuring and monitoring the heat energy generated and used in processes is crucial to minimize energy losses and maximize efficiency.

  4. Compressed air: Many production facilities use compressed air for various purposes. Monitoring compressed air consumption helps to identify leaks and optimize energy consumption.

  5. Water consumption: Although water is not a direct energy source, recording water consumption data is important as the process of water treatment and purification can consume significant amounts of energy.

Importance of recording energy data

Understanding and monitoring

Recording this energy data enables companies to understand, monitor and optimize energy consumption in various areas of their production. This is of great importance not only from an economic but also from an ecological point of view.

In terms of CO2 efficiency and climate neutrality, energy data provides valuable insights to design more sustainable production processes. By analyzing this data, companies can identify which areas of their production consume the most energy and where efficiency improvements can be made. For example, significant savings could be made by using more energy-efficient machines or optimizing production processes.

Furthermore, energy data acquisition enables companies to identify and minimize energy losses and waste. Leaks in compressed air systems, inefficient heating and cooling processes or unused waste heat are examples of areas where precise data analysis can achieve significant savings.

Another important aspect of energy data collection is the ability to maximize the use of renewable energy sources. By analyzing energy data, companies can assess the extent to which they can integrate renewable energy sources such as solar or wind energy into their production processes in order to further reduce their CO2 footprint and contribute to climate protection.

Energy data management

Our tetys solution

tetys offers an energy management module that is connected to the entire store floor level and monitors the energy consumption of all consumers. Users can select which consumers are to be taken into account and which data is to be collected. The module enables real-time visualization of the consumption of individual or multiple machines, e.g. on a shop floor monitor. The collected data is stored in a database and used to create consumption curves and average values. These characteristic curves enable a comparison between current and average consumption values and serve as an indication of necessary maintenance measures or lubrication.

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Your advantages

Data acquisition and history

Monitoring and key figures

Simulations and forecasts

ISO 50001


Energy data collection is an indispensable tool for companies that want to optimize their production processes and make their contribution to climate protection. By collecting and analyzing energy data, companies can not only improve their energy efficiency and reduce costs, but also reduce their carbon footprint and achieve more sustainable operations.

At a time when the pressure to combat climate change is increasing, energy data collection is not only an economic imperative, but also a moral obligation. Companies that invest in collecting and analyzing energy data can not only benefit from long-term cost savings and competitive advantages, but also make a positive contribution to preserving our environment.

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