The plastics industry is known worldwide for its technological excellence, innovative strength and sustainability efforts. The use of software in production plays a crucial role in optimizing processes and at the same time integrating new technologies that increase efficiency, reduce environmental impact and cut costs.

The requirements in plastics processing are as diverse as the product range. In this respect, planning, control, logistics and production pose a major challenge. tetys has developed a competent solution that provides you with a high level of transparency at all times regarding resources used, deadlines, customer and quality requirements.

Production of plastic

Efficiency through the use of software

The manufacture of plastics requires precise process control and smooth production. Production software - like our tetys MES - enables companies to monitor, control and optimize every step of the manufacturing process. From material procurement to final production, the software enables seamless integration and automation, resulting in increased efficiency, reduced production costs and improved product quality.

Examples from practice

Some of our customers come to us with similar challenges, such as "just-in-time" reporting and documentation of all departments in production with a focus on complete coverage of all processes:

Downtimes, rejects, feeding back order data to SAP, real-time reporting of machines and work areas, traceability of process data, bottleneck analysis of personnel, material and tools and BOM resolution with automatic scheduling - our software can handle all of this. With the help of the tetys system, including our specialized modules for personnel deployment, CAQ and TPM , we provide a running and proven system that enables our customer to plan their orders in the system on a daily basis, reports all relevant order data to SAP and generates automatic quality reports and reports for management.

Shaping the future

Increasing product complexity and decreasing batch sizes mean that all companies need increasing transparency. In the processing of plastics, the high degree of automation and ever thinner staffing levels are forcing digital processes and solutions. Digital orders, paperless production, fully integrated quality assurance and centralized settings data management create completely transparent production. And are the next steps towards highly efficient production.

The company tetys supplies a Manufacturing Execution System (MES) software solution for analysing and optimizing injection moulding processes. The individual processes are mapped and optimized in the tetys software.

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