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Digitalized processes, automated workflows and networked decision-making channels - the factory of the future will run intelligently and autonomously.

The efficient design and control of your production planning is now more than ever at the heart of industrial activity. The challenges are growing, the requirements are changing, and in this dynamic environment, the consistent digitalization of production planning is essential. At tetys, we not only offer you innovative solutions for this, but also create a bridge to the future in which your production is agile, efficient and flexible. Plan and control your entire production with our fully integrated, modern software platform. Revolutionize your production processes and create agile workflows step by step: You define your most important goals and individually design your prioritized digitalization process. Our comprehensive range of solutions in our software adapts to your desired work packages and accompanies you as a highly reliable and future-proof system.

Influences on production planning

Definition of

Central role of production planning

Production planning is a central core process in manufacturing companies. In many cases, the employees involved in this process have the longest experience in the company. Effective planning contributes significantly to the overall success of the company, as all processes are either influenced by it or are dependent on it. Long-standing employees are in the best position to understand these relationships and make informed decisions accordingly.

Fundamental contribution to the company's success

Production planning pursues clear objectives: maximizing delivery reliability while minimizing costs. The long-serving workforce plays a decisive role here, as their experience and assessments make a fundamental contribution to achieving these goals. The question of how long these experienced key players will remain with the company is becoming increasingly relevant. Is it possible to plan and implement the objectives smoothly without their many years of expertise?

The future and the role of digital strategies

The question of future viability arises: Can the current workforce continue to meet future challenges in a targeted manner? In this context, digital strategies should at least be considered as part of a solution. A first step could be for digital strategies to gradually replace day-to-day business, enabling smooth adaptation to the requirements of the future.

Production planning and scheduling

Focus on two-stage system

Evolution of production planning

Two-stage perspective in work preparation

Modern planning systems have established themselves as two-stage in many work preparation processes. These systems are usually connected to each other via a lean but highly frequented interface. Work planners are often faced with the task of differentiating between rough and detailed planning.

Efficiency between sales and purchasing

Rough planning acts as an effective shortcut in the process between sales and purchasing. Numerous systems use different algorithms for this, such as MRP-II or MRP-II+. The core of these algorithms is to provide the required material for production at the optimum time without going into too much detail about the intricacies of production.

Customization for tailor-made production

Fine planning represents the next step, in which the individualities of the company-specific production are taken into account comprehensively. Aspects such as alternative machines, required tools, peripherals and personnel requirements are included in the planning. This phase focuses on the details in order to ensure customized and efficient production processing.

Production planning explained in one picture

Holistic view and planning - with tetys

The modern PPS contexts integrate all planning functionalities and materials management in a closely interlinked system. The ERP system transmits requirements and stock levels via an interface, while tetys takes care of the overall planning - including resource management, production orders and order proposals for purchasing.

Optimized detailed planning

Transparency and efficiency in production

Detailed production planning goes beyond simple coordination and offers transparent status monitoring. This makes it possible to automatically compare the current production figures with the production process to ensure a clear overview of progress.

In addition, detailed planning enables set-up optimization that is tailored to your individual needs. The scheduling of production orders can be configured according to your requirements, allowing, for example, effective setup optimization to be integrated.

Another key feature of detailed planning is the continuous bottleneck evaluation. This includes the evaluation of bottlenecks in machine capacities, personnel deployment, tool availability, peripheral equipment and material stocks. This continuous analysis allows you to react to potential bottlenecks at an early stage and take proactive measures to avoid production interruptions.

In terms of multi-stage production, detailed planning offers comprehensive monitoring. All stages of the manufacturing process are carefully monitored and bottlenecks are identified immediately. This enables precise control and adjustment to ensure a smooth process and maximize the efficiency of the entire production.

The tetys way - your advantages

Digitization made easy

Satisfied customers, high added value, optimum quality, transparent planning, better MES and consistent quality management - what does your production of the future look like? Create more time for strategic developments! Take your production and planning to a new level of automation.

Fertigungsplanung mit tetys Software

Production planning

invisible backbone

Production planning is the invisible backbone of every efficient production process. From strategic resource allocation to minute-by-minute scheduling, behind the scenes of manufacturing processes are complex decisions that make the difference between success and standstill. Discover how innovative technologies from tetys are paving the way for a more sustainable and cost-efficient manufacturing industry.

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Datenerfassung mit tetys Software

Data acquisition

Entrepreneurial success

In an era of advancing technologies, data acquisition is the key to business success. Operating data, machine data, process data and energy data form the backbone of well-founded decisions. Immerse yourself in the tetys world of data acquisition, where every impulse of a machine, every process step and every energy consumption is precisely recorded.

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Shopfloor Management mit tetys Software


Conducting force

In the hectic rhythm of production facilities, store floor management is the directing force that sets the pace. From the first work step to final assembly - this approach is revolutionizing the way companies manage their production processes. Find out how tetys Shopfloor Management not only maximizes efficiency on the shop floor, but also uses real-time data to enable agile decisions from the symbiosis of man and machine.

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Reporting mit tetys Software


Precise navigators

In times of data-driven decisions, seamless reporting and key performance indicators (KPIs) are the navigators of corporate success. Immerse yourself in the world of precise analyses and meaningful KPIs that point the way to the future. Find out how tetys' own tools can optimize your performance, identify weaknesses and help you make well-founded strategic decisions - an indispensable compass on the road to sustainable success.

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Individueller Service von tetys

Individual service

Customized software

tetys offers you a world of customized services in software development: We are not just about code, but about your unique requirements and visions. Discover a partnership in which individual solutions are not just a promise, but have formed the basis of our collaboration for many years. Find out how our highly specialized service helps you to not only develop software, but to design a digital experience that perfectly fits your needs.

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Excellent premium platform

Transparent workflows, automated processes and smooth production - tetys is the platform for all production-related issues. A world first meets decades of experience. The result is constantly self-optimizing production. The industrial solution from Aachen sustainably optimizes your processes and effectively integrates all necessary company-specific parameters. From the raw material to the finished part, you have complete transparency over the production process. The result is data consistency that is second to none.

Innovationsauszeichnung 2020 für Firma tetys in Aachen

The focus is on the future

In the dynamics of today, we are looking to tomorrow: our vision extends far beyond today, into a time when success will be defined by innovation, responsibility and precise strategies. Together we are shaping a future in which every step, every decision and every plan is geared towards the goal: a sustainable, customer-oriented and profitable reality. Welcome to a world where the focus is clear - and that focus is the future.

What our customers say

„We are inspired by the tetys concept: a flexible software provider with decades of experience for all challenges in production. When it comes to a topic as disruptive as digitalization, the Keuters family has been an innovative and continuous partner for us since 2015. In the current "paperless production" project, we are taking decisive steps towards digital transformation with tetys and greatly appreciate the competent and personal collaboration.“

Jan Väth Project Manager IT WAREMA Kunststofftechnik und Maschinenbau GmbH

„For many years, the tetys software suite has been successfully used as a production planning and control system at Eaton Industries GmbH's Bäderstraße competence center. Thanks to the optimum interaction between detailed planning and store floor management, we have been able to achieve not only maximum transparency, but above all greater adherence to schedules while simultaneously reducing production costs. tetys is therefore the tool we need on the way to the smart factory.“

Christian Gerlach Head of Production Planning Eaton Industries

„We have advantages: Customers receive binding appointments and we keep our promises. We are informed and know what is going on. What, when and how - we can provide information about the production of plastic parts at any time. We make decisions and take action. Key production figures and data are the basis for continuous improvement processes. The PDC system is established in production, production planning and management.“

Bruno Bachmann PPS operations specialist Georg Fischer Rohrleitungssystem AG

„The active project management and intensive support provided by tetys during our system implementation enabled us to convert our MES within 10 weeks as planned. We see a clear benefit of the software in the increase in transparency and efficiency within our production. The analysis options provide us with a much better basis for decision-making. This was particularly helpful during the fluctuating conditions of the pandemic.“

Wilma Koolen-Hermkens CEO De Beer Breidenbach GmbH & Co. KG

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