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The tetys summer party edition
Marina Henkelmann · June 26, 2024
tetys Sommerfest 2024

Once a year, tetys-ians from near and far come together with their companions to spend a great day together at our summer party. In the past, this has often involved dragon boat races, archery or simply a nice barbecue afternoon. No matter what we do, we like each other and simply enjoy spending time together. What's particularly nice about our summer party is that we not only get to see colleagues live again, some of whom are spread all over the country, but that we also get to see or meet the families of many of them.

This year we wanted to be sporty again and, in the spirit of the European Championships, we met up at the wonderful setting of the Indemann to play soccer golf. What could be a more worthy soccer golf course than the one where the German championships were held a few days ago? Only the best for us!

Divided into lots of small groups, we blocked the course for a while - it was firmly in tety's hands! Anyone who likes minigolf and has always wondered: How would it work with a soccer ball and in a large format found their answer here! Some discovered completely new talents and others realized that it wasn't really their thing, but luckily we were there for the fun anyway! After worrying all week that it would stay dry, the sun even came out for our sake! Fortunately, the drinks cab in the golf cart saved us from drying out on the course...

As in professional life, there were also a wide variety of approaches here:

The rule-followers who stuck to everything,

the people who were simply focused on the result and were happy to turn a blind eye,

and the rebels who simply did their thing in a completely detached and creative way, sometimes thinking outside the box...

But what united us all was having fun. Team spirit was very important and so we shouted and clapped each other through the obstacles when necessary. Over, under, between, ditches, tunnels, on slopes, past posts... the course had a lot to offer. The big challenge for everyone, however, was the course that ended in the Lupfen. This clearly separated the winners from the losers. But ambition was also awakened! Because even towards the end of the event, some of the team members, well strengthened, grabbed the ball again and went out onto the empty course to conquer this obstacle, true to the motto: now lupfen, yay!

After the games, fun and excitement, everyone - including those who preferred to chat and watch soccer in the shade or take the kids to the wonderful playground - enjoyed a barbecue. With good food, the European Championship in the background and the best weather, we were able to end the evening comfortably and enjoy the get-together. It's always nice to get together with the big tetys family and catch up. It certainly wasn't the last time we played soccer golf and we're glad to have seen everyone in person again!

Marina has been making the tetys halls unsafe since 2017 and has been running riot in many areas ever since. In addition to mastering creative chaos, she drives IT support crazy with her incredible skills. In her free time, she sometimes jumps out of an airplane and is passionate about shouting at 11 millionaires on a football pitch. 

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