CO2 in production

July 19, 2022

Sustainability in production is not a buzzword, but a necessity!

Climate neutrality is a win-win situation for everyone and a major but worthwhile challenge!

Industry 4.0 offers the topic of sustainability as a central field of action in its 2030 vision. The most urgent task for achieving the climate targets is to reduce CO2 emissions.

As the source of almost a quarter of these global emissions, industry bears a major responsibility, just behind the energy sector. In order to live up to this responsibility, companies need reliable and verifiable data on materials, components and processes so that they can quantify the CO2 values for each of their products.

This means that industrial companies have a duty to reduce their own carbon footprint. According to the UBA, the annual reduction would have to be more than tripled in order to achieve the 2030 targets, and even increased sevenfold for the 2050 targets. However, new technologies and methods are required in order to be able to produce sustainably and economically.

The demand for climate-neutral solutions is therefore immense!

The climate targets are difficult to achieve without digitalization. The sensible use of software makes a decisive contribution to improving the energy efficiency of production and conserving resources by reducing waste and avoiding downtime. It also provides new approaches for recycling and the circular economy. It helps to manufacture sustainable products more economically and optimizes both at production and product level.

This data specifically helps to identify potential for improvement and ensure that it is realized.

For example, companies can use digitalization measures to determine and reduce their energy, water and material consumption as well as emissions. This ensures compliance with environmental legislation while at the same time optimizing processes, promoting transparency and reducing costs.

There are solutions for many challenges in companies! Our system helps to grow with these challenges and create effective solutions!


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