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June 14, 2022

They bring variety and joy. They create emotional encounters in a sensitive and personal way in everyday hospital life. These are the Klinik-Clowns Aachen!

The hospital clowns regularly visit Aachen University Hospital and the Haus Cadenbach retirement home to make their stay there easier. They make a significant contribution to well-being and "healing", as a stay in hospital or a move to a care facility often means separation and a departure from everyday life. Through their visit, they manage to bring some joy into the day! 

They do not have a fixed program, but have to recognize the respective situation with a lot of empathy and sensitivity and improvise in each patient room to put a smile on people's faces! With funny games and great costumes, the hospital clowns take the burden off the shoulders of children, sick people, senior citizens and relatives for a short time and bring back their zest for life. 

The great and important work of the hospital clowns is financed by donations. We have great respect and esteem for their work and we are happy to contribute to this good cause, as it is a matter close to our hearts.  

We would also like to enable further appearances by the hospital clowns in the future to bring a smile to the faces of sick children and senior citizens! 

However, the hospital clowns were not the only ones supported by tetys. We are pleased that we were also able to do something good with a donation to the flood victims in need from 2021.  

In 2021, some parts of Germany were overrun by a flood of the century. Many streets and towns were flooded and were unable to withstand the masses of water. Especially in these exceptional situations, it is important to stick together, because many people are dependent on support. 

It is very important to us that people who are not doing so well are also helped and we are pleased to be a support to people in these difficult times with our donation.

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