Online conferences and sustainability at tetys

June 13, 2022

Online conferences are versatile and, above all, effective and efficient. Decision-making can be optimized and valuable time can be saved. It is an important tool for reducing environmental impact and cutting costs. In this article, we would like to take a closer look at some of the details.

Cost reduction (travel costs and time are eliminated)

Only a few materials are needed for an online conference: A computer, a smartphone, internet or at least a telephone line, perhaps a camera and a headset as well as software.

The use of online conferences can significantly reduce travel costs and unproductive working time, for example during car journeys. In the longer term, this can also save on office rent because less space is required for meeting rooms.

More efficient processes and faster decisions

Because online conferences can be carried out with just a few mouse clicks, the exchange with other employees increases considerably. We at tetys communicate more with each other, which in turn makes the work of everyone in the team more efficient.

Microsoft Teams, Zoom or Skype, for example, are online conferencing tools that make communication between colleagues, with customers or business partners much more efficient for us. Various channels such as calls, video conferencing or chat are available via the conferencing tool. Depending on the issue at hand, text information can be sent quickly or clear assistance can be provided via the camera. Microsoft Teams, for example, allows us to invite other participants to a virtual meeting without them having to have the application installed. This makes digital communication faster and more efficient.

Online conferences can often be convened and held at shorter notice than face-to-face meetings, as the people involved can be in different locations and participate without losing time. This makes the company organization more flexible for us, while decisions can be made more quickly (through surveys and short emails). These efficient structures make a lasting contribution to the competitiveness of any company.

More flexibility

Our employees do not have to be in your office to take part in an online conference. Our employees can take part in an online conference from anywhere. If an employee urgently needs the advice, opinion or expertise of another colleague during a meeting, they can join in spontaneously, even if they are on the move.

More environmentally friendly

As online conferences make it easier to travel to customers or partners and business trips can be largely dispensed with, our company has less of an impact on the environment. In terms of CO2 emissions alone, tons are saved every year and particulate pollution in cities is reduced. In addition, digital documents are often used and we are also protecting the tree population.

Location-independent collaboration

Whether working from home, in the office or on the road: online conferences are possible anytime and anywhere, provided a stable internet connection is available. Especially in times of Corona, where working from home and flexible working time models influence everyday working life, this is a real added value!



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