Saving energy and sustainability at tetys

June 20, 2022

Energy management is a core issue of sustainability. The primary goal of introducing an energy management system is therefore definitely to save energy costs in the long term.

We at tetys have been dealing with this issue for some time and have taken measures to reduce energy consumption. However, the most important factors are certainly lighting and switching on our computers over long distances.

Wake-on-Lan via Internet

Our greatest ecological savings potential as tetys certainly lies in our electricity consumption. For technical reasons, Corona has unfortunately meant that our desktop computers in the office would now run 24/7. At 100W power consumption, ONE workstation consumes approx. 900kWh p.a.. Of which at least 2/3 of the time unused*. With the possibility of being able to start shut-down computers via a simple Internet link, we save 9000kWh/year with 15 workstations. That's about as much as 2 average 4-person households.

*) 42.5h (based on 8h working time + 30 minutes break) is approx. 1/4 of a week.

LED lights

Sustainable LED lights are also used at tetys. Energy-efficient LED lights play their part in reducing electricity consumption. They are characterized above all by their long service life and low energy consumption. Defective light sources in LED lights only need to be replaced extremely rarely. This is easy on the wallet, but above all on the environment, as fewer replacements need to be produced.

Motion detector

Of course, one of the main components of sustainable lighting is the choice of light source, but that is not the only thing that plays a role at tetys. Optimized luminaires and intelligent control are a core element for us. By using motion detectors, we want to play our part in reducing energy consumption.

For example, when an employee enters the premises, movement is detected and the lighting is switched on for a certain period of time. At the end of the set period, the lighting is switched off again, unless movement is detected again during this period.



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