Sustainable management at tetys

July 12, 2022

Every year, German households produce over 37 million tons of waste, which is 450 kilograms per inhabitant per year.

Many products are disposed of even though they are actually still usable. The circular economy is about reducing waste, wasting energy and resources and reusing raw materials and products. Reuse is the first step towards sustainable use. This also includes extending the useful life of products. Those who think carefully about their purchasing decisions and focus on quality will also enjoy them more in the long term. Reducing waste and disposing of it consciously is one of the best ways to take action for the environment. Positive side effects are often more order and lower costs.


Waste hierarchy according to EU legislation (Waste Directive):

  • Waste avoidance (avoidance of short-lived disposable products)</em
  • Preparation for reuse (ReUse)
  • Recycling (Downcycling, Upcycling etc.)
  • Other recycling processes, e.g. thermal recycling (incineration with energy recovery)
  • Disposal (Correct separation and use of collection systems)</em


However, the circular economy is not just about reducing waste and conserving resources to protect the environment, it is also about clear economic benefits. New value chains are created with repairs and services. This also brings health and social benefits - and therefore a generally improved quality of life. Last but not least, regional economic activity also leads to less traffic, less transportation and therefore fewer greenhouse gas emissions.

At tetys, we place great emphasis on waste avoidance and the longevity of our resources.

Reusable systems, such as reusable drinks bottles (glass carafes and tetys-doppers) avoid waste and their longevity protects the environment, which is heavily burdened by plastic pollution. Reusable drinks bottles can be taken and filled anywhere and are also dishwasher-safe compared to conventional disposable and reusable bottles. At tetys, we focus on high product quality.

We not only focus on high quality for our drinks bottles, but also for our pens and decorations. For example, we use our high-quality ballpoint pens several times. Instead of disposing of them after use, we replace the empty refills and the pen is ready for use again.

We are in constant contact with our local catering service and pay close attention to how we can consciously contribute to sustainability and waste avoidance. In future, food will therefore be delivered in environmentally friendly, high-quality and reusable containers.

Combi devices offer the advantage in our company that additional resources do not need to be purchased. Our whiteboard tables are flexible and can be used as a normal table or as a whiteboard. This saves space, costs and resources.

Our water dispensers are part of our daily use. Water dispensers are good for the environment as they avoid the delivery and therefore the transportation of drinks. This saves huge amounts of CO2 and avoids waste from disposable or reusable plastic bottles, as well as saving on recycling and the associated energy costs.

The reuse (reuse) of items that have not yet become waste is also on our daily agenda. Acting sustainably and avoiding waste in everyday life has never been so easy. Reusing packaging material is a simple way to protect the environment. Well-preserved cardboard boxes are an important point in waste prevention and a daily component at tetys, because a well-preserved cardboard box can be reused up to three times on average without the material losing its protective properties.

At tetys, we do our part to avoid waste as much as possible and maintain cycles.



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