Sustainable travel with tetys

May 30, 2022

In this article, we look at the topic of travel at tetys and how it relates to sustainability.

Not all business trips to our customers and business partners are necessary; some can be carried out digitally with the same efficiency - this is the more sustainable alternative. However, not all matters can always be managed digitally from the workplace.

When assessing a trip, the question is therefore "Is the trip really necessary or are there alternatives?". The topic of sustainability has become increasingly important to us in recent years. More and more people are concerned with this topic.

Most of our necessary business trips take place within Germany.

In order to save time, travelers often resort to air travel on domestic routes - with fatal consequences for the environment. The relative consumption of CO2 is particularly high on short-haul flights, as the take-off and climb costs a lot of energy and is even more significant on short-haul flights than on long-haul flights.

By contrast, far less CO2 is produced when traveling by train - Deutsche Bahn also offers travel with green electricity. We therefore often use either the train or our company vehicles and reimburse our employees for these costs. Here, too, we have recently seen the advantage of using environmentally friendly electric cars and hybrid cars to protect the environment.



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