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June 27, 2022

Sustainability has become a key concept of social change. Different objectives are associated with this term. The topic of sustainability has gained great importance in society and challenges us all.

However, the goals of sustainability and quality can be easily combined. With the CAQ module from tetys, you are ready for the future of Industry 4.0!

The abbreviation CAQ stands for Computer-Aided Quality. The CAQ module is therefore an important component of company-wide quality management and quality assurance.

What are the tasks and objectives of a CAQ?

The CAQ module serves to minimize risks and shows how stable production processes are. The CAQ software is therefore an important component of quality policy and quality management. It accompanies the entire production process with all operational and service-providing areas. This includes the entire life cycle of a product from design to release.

The tetys CAQ-PZÜ module, for example, is used to record and evaluate quality data. tetys documents, checks, measures and recognizes trends when a product is outside the limit values. This avoids rejects, unnecessary transportation costs and increased energy consumption.

What are the consequences of incorrect data collection and what does this mean for sustainability?

Errors in data collection can lead to incorrect conclusions and measures. Production processes are disrupted and the result is increased production waste and avoidable costs for production, personnel and waste disposal or complaints. The consequences are dissatisfied customers and employees, increased energy and resource consumption and, in the worst case, a declining image.

The aim of sustainable production is to protect the environment by optimizing company processes. Sources of error and faults should be identified at an early stage in order to reduce the increased waste, energy and material consumption.

The CAQ module extends the tetys BDE system with the following functions:

  • Creation of inspection plans that specify how quality inspections are to be carried out during production.
  • Automatic creation of inspection orders (regulations for current production-related inspections) based on the inspection plans and the current PDA orders.
  • Manual input of test results (random sample testing) according to the specifications of the current test order, if necessary by directly reading in digital measuring devices.
  • Automatic reading of process data from the production machines according to the specifications of the current inspection order ("process monitoring", PZÜ).
  • Recording of initial values (pre-series tests).
  • Display control charts and perform statistical evaluations (e.g. tests for normal distribution).
  • Long-term archiving of test results.

Start with the CAQ module from tetys and see for yourself.

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