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June 8, 2022

The topic of sustainability challenges us all anew every day. Surely this is also the case for you. Get your production ready for the future!

But where does sustainability begin? The answer is basically quite simple. Sustainability begins with the decision and can be implemented in small steps right from the start.

Increasing efficiency in your own production is immeasurable for sustainable competitiveness, especially in the age of Industry 4.0.

The PDA module from tetys aims to automate data acquisition. The module provides actual process and status data to enable the optimization of work and production processes. Modern PDA solutions are embedded in the processes of various company divisions. Our module therefore creates transparency and flexibility with regard to quantities, times and quality. This relieves the burden on employees, reduces sources of error and simplifies decision-making.

What are the consequences of sources of error in production?

Sources of error in production increase energy and material consumption and more rejects are produced. More faulty rejects means more waste for the environment and unnecessary pollution due to energy and material consumption. In the worst case, production can even come to a standstill. As a result, deliveries are delayed or even deliveries and production are canceled, which reduces customer and employee satisfaction.

What does this mean for sustainability?

Sources of error in production lead to the production process being disrupted. A disrupted production process consumes more resources and energy than a normal process.

Faulty rejects mean that products have to be produced again. The process takes longer due to faults. If a production process is prolonged or products have to be re-produced, this results in increased energy and material consumption. This conflicts with the issue of sustainability.

The aim of sustainable production is to protect the environment by optimizing company processes. Sources of error and faults should be identified at an early stage to reduce the increased waste, energy and material consumption.

The result is that quality in the company is increased and costs are reduced. Employees are freed from manual data entry and their workload is reduced. This increases quality in production and leads to greater employee and customer satisfaction.

The tetys PDA module offers companies a wide range of benefits:

  • Overview of actual production status (TARGET/ACTUAL)
  • Calculated recording of machine times
  • Detailed analysis of malfunctions and machine downtimes
  • Instrument for measuring effectiveness
  • Increase in customer satisfaction
  • Simplification of complex processes through digital processing
  • Founded feedback for staff scheduling and shift planning
  • Reliable data in downstream systems

Start with the PDA module from tetys and see for yourself.

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