tetys solution to sustainability - Interview

July 4, 2022
Michael Keuters tetys

The topic of sustainability is becoming increasingly important in society and is also very close to our hearts. But what does the future hold for the tetys system? Where will we be in a few years' time and where do we want to be?

The tetys system in connection with the topic of sustainability raises many questions. Today we would like to answer some questions about our ideas regarding sustainability and the tetys system.

Mr. Michael Keuters has answered a few questions for us:

How can the tetys system contribute to sustainability?

"One of the aims of our customers who use the tetys system is to make production processes more efficient and less prone to errors - this leads to more sustainable production on several levels. For example, energy consumption is reduced. The same applies to production waste, which "inevitably" reduces the amount of production materials required. Some of these are produced from raw materials that can only be extracted with high CO² emissions, for example. More efficient production processes therefore not only have an impact on the immediate sustainability of our customers, but also beyond that."</em

Worin siehst du die größten Chancen für das tetys System?

"As the topic of sustainability is becoming increasingly important in the media, but also in entrepreneurial thinking and in education (school, university), which is definitely good & actually overdue, I see a fundamental increase in demand for our system here. What sets us apart is the fact that we want to meet these increasing demands and are adapting to them. This is certainly also largely due to the fact that sustainability is a big part of the tetys DNA."

Where do you still need to take action?

"We still need systemic solutions to show customers, for example, how much CO² costs a produced finished part causes, ideally not only in the actual production process, but also along the upstream and downstream processes (especially supply chains). Furthermore, the requirements, including those for systemic solutions, are changing very rapidly. Solutions that were developed 10 years ago are no longer "state of the art" today. I am referring less to the technical implementation and more to the range of functions available to the customer. We will certainly be able to implement very exciting and challenging projects in the coming years. However, I am more than optimistic that we will manage this with our great and motivated team."

Where do you see the greatest potential for our customers and for us?

„The willingness to grow together and with each other. This also includes an increasing willingness on the part of customers (under our moderation) to exchange more information WITH EACH OTHER. This is the only way to meet the challenges and obligations, especially in the context of climate change and the great importance of sustainability. As long as we, but also our customers, do not have the attitude of having "eaten wisdom with spoons" and we are prepared to do things better every day by exchanging ideas, we will develop together in the right direction in my opinion."

What do you wish for the future in terms of the tetys system and sustainability?

"That we continue to be willing to develop step by step every day, that we continue to be willing to learn from each other. Being active in the field in which we operate also means a certain obligation, which I don't want to minimize. Providers like us at tetys, but the same applies to our market competitors, have an ever-increasing degree of responsibility in the context of discussions about climate protection, sustainability and other (political) issues, which we must and want to live up to. And once again: a well-functioning system has a direct impact on our customers, but also on the environment in many different ways. We should keep reminding ourselves of this, so that we realize that we actually get up every morning to make the world a little bit better. That's exactly what we actually do."

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