Working from home and sustainability at tetys

June 7, 2022

At tetys, we offer our employees flexible working hours on a trust basis and up to 100% home office for a good work-life balance.

All of this has a strong impact on the environmental balance. For one thing, working from home reduces the need for employees to commute from home to work. This alone not only saves tons of CO₂ every year. The trend towards working from home also reduces particulate pollution in cities and saves resources by cutting down on fossil fuels and electricity. Our employees also benefit from reduced stress levels, as working from home offers more private relaxation time due to the elimination of long commutes.

Additional trips to our customer and business appointments are also eliminated while working from home. As these appointments in other cities are often or even countries are visited by plane, an even greater amount of emissions can be saved. In the form of an uncomplicated meeting via the Internet, we have been forced to hold such appointments for many months now and contribute to a positive impact on the CO2 balance.

Cookies, jelly babies, cakes and other snacks are also always to hand in many offices. As there are often no hotplates available, snacks or to-go food and drinks are used for lunch breaks or after work. Leftover food that nobody knows who brought and how long it has been in the fridge ends up in the garbage can. In addition, companies with many employees usually end up with leftover food that is thrown away simply because the quantities are difficult to estimate. This food waste can be prevented by working from home.

The mere fact of being able to eat and drink a balanced diet can increase and support concentration and performance and can easily lead to a much healthier and more balanced diet. This is not only good for the body, but also for the soul. Satisfied and supplied with all the necessary nutrients, you can work better straight away.



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