Sustainability at tetys

June 21, 2022

Sustainability is an increasingly important topic in our society. Not only individuals, but also companies can play their part in making life more sustainable. We at tetys have also been dealing with this topic for several years.  

Even before tetys was founded around two years ago, the then GRP with Managing Director Manfred Keuters was already focusing on sustainability. For example, the entire electrical lighting system was replaced five years ago with energy-saving lamps that are used on a daily basis.  

Furthermore, a completely new, energy-efficient data center was built. "tetys focused on sustainability very early on and has always fully embraced the sensible options that were possible for the business area," says Manfred Keuters, authorized signatory.  

These were just the first steps towards sustainability. Today, tetys is still trying to make everyday life more sustainable. For example, avoiding unnecessary car journeys by holding virtual meetings.  

Sustainability for companies not only benefits the environment, but can also contribute to cost savings. 

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